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We have over three decades of experience in keeping Washington residents in their homes and we want to put this expertise to work on your behalf.

Helping Homeowners Through Difficult Times

26127220_lIf you have received a notification that your mortgage lender is foreclosing or threatening to foreclose on your home, it’s urgent that you act immediately in order to prevent this foreclosure from becoming a reality. Until it does, you have legal options for retaining possession of your home, no matter what your lender tells you. Schedule a consultation today with a knowledgeable and aggressive foreclosure defense attorney to help you protect your rights. This is especially important in a state such as Washington because non-judicial residential foreclosure is legal. This means that lenders is not required to go to court in order to finalize a foreclosure. Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians have lost their homes due to the misconduct of deceitful lenders; in many cases homeowners were not even aware that their rights were being violated. As a skilled mortgage finance attorney, John Long can help you extend or renegotiate the terms of a mortgage to satisfy creditors and keep your property. If a bank or other lender is trying to foreclose on your home illegally, we’ll expose them and keep them from doing so.

Washington State Mortgage Finance Attorney

Prospective clients who ask around find that we have a well-deserved reputation as one of Washington’s premier foreclosure defense and mortgage finance legal practices. We know how the threat of losing a home can turn a family’s life upside down and we make it our job to set things right again when it does. The reason our clients champion us is because we champion them when it comes to finding the best way to let them keep their homes, whether this be through litigation, mortgage finance, or other means.

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For years now, the news has been full of accounts of banks, brokers, and other lenders fraudulently foreclosing on their customers’ homes. In most of cases, the victims of these frauds failed to challenge the authority of the foreclosing entity and unwittingly surrendered their rights and their property to them without a fight. The best advice we can give those who are facing imminent foreclosure is to speak with a dedicated foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible. We are happy to answer your questions about foreclosure or other real estate matters and make sure you understand your rights under Washington law. Schedule a consultation with us today. We know how to use the law to keep the keys to the front door where they belong: in your hand.

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