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    The Law Offices of John A. Long provide a safe and confidential environment for you to gain a clear knowledge of what you are facing. We take a common sense and realistic approach to each case.

    Straight Answers, Realistic Solutions
  • Real Estate Law

    We protect the interests of our clients in a variety of real estate areas including purchase and sale agreements and conflicts, mortgage finance compliance, non-judicial foreclosure defense, and dispute resolution.

    Real Estate Law
  • Foreclosure Defense

    We have over three decades of experience in keeping Washington residents in their homes and we want to put this expertise to work on your behalf.

    Foreclosure Defense
  • Bankruptcy

    When debt becomes an unmanageable constant in one’s life, it can seem like there is no way out. Filing for bankruptcy stops harassing calls from collectors and halts any foreclosure proceedings that may be underway.


Real Estate Law


It’s an unfortunate truth that the deck is stacked against middle class residents when it comes to real estate matters. The complexity of the rules and regulations surrounding commercial and residential real estate issues in Washington State presents a number of stumbling blocks to homebuyers and business owners. We can help. Read More...

Foreclosure Defense


If you have received a notification that your mortgage lender is foreclosing or threatening to foreclose on your home, it’s urgent that you act immediately in order to prevent this foreclosure from becoming a reality. Until it does, you have legal options for retaining possession of your home, no matter what your lender tells you. Read More...



We’ve talked to hundreds of Washington families who have faced overwhelming debt and we've helped them find a solution. Sometimes declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best way to hit the restart button on your financial life, but not always. Loan modification, settlement or debt consolidation may be a better option. Read More...

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Over Thirty Years of Experienced Counsel in Real Estate Disputes, Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy Matters.

Valuable Insight

Long0706-eye on regulation_Page_1The modern world of real estate lending practices and mortgage finance is filled with misinformation and a lack of fiduciary ethics that create difficulty for homeowners. In a continued effort to keep our clients informed, John A. Long provides some in-depth analysis on these subjects as well as insight into possible reform within the industry. Read More...

Answers to Common Questions

Facing a financial crisis can lead to a great deal of uncertainty. Am I eligible to file? Will I get to keep my home? Can I halt a foreclosure? What are my options? If you are considering bankruptcy or dealing with the threat of foreclosure, the best way to answer any questions that you might have is to speak with us by calling (425) 427-9660. We have also provided some answers to commonly asked questions that you may find helpful. Read More...

John A. Long

JohnALongWith over thirty years of legal experience, John A. Long has a wealth of knowledge & resources to apply to your unique situation. His tenacious approach to protecting the interests of each and every one of his clients has earned him a reputation as a formidable legal ally in real estate law, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy & mortgage finance matters. Read More...

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